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DWSD Financials

The Finance page is a listing of annual report, bond and financial statements. This information is provided to show DWSD's overall performance. For a copy of DWSD's Annual Reports or other documents not listed below, please email your request to public.affairs@dwsd.org.

Bond Statements

Official Statements for 2014 Series Bonds dated August 27, 2014
The 2014 Official Statements below include supplements issued through September 11, 2014

  2014 Water Refunding Bond Official Statement

  2014 Sewage Disposal Revenue and Refunding Bond Official Statement

Bond Statement Archive

Water Supply Bond Sewage Bonds
2011 Water Supply System Series A, B, C

2012 Sewage Disposal Bonds

Financial Statements

Financial Statements Archive

Water Fund Sewage Fund
2012 Water Fund 2012 Sewage Fund
2011 Water Fund 2011 Sewage Fund
2010 Water Fund 2010 Sewage Fund
2009 Water Fund 2009 Sewage Fund
2008 Water Fund 2008 Sewage Fund
2007 Water Fund 2007 Sewage Fund
2006 Water Fund 2006 Sewage Fund

Financial Statements

Finance Committee Meeting Binders

Meeting Dates

   January 12, 2015
   December 12, 2014
   November 13, 2014
   October 7, 2014 Appendix
   October 7, 2014
   September 5, 2014
   August 6, 2014
   July 14, 2014