DWSD Customer Service Phone Number 313-267-8000.  
    DWSD 24-hour Emergency Service Phone Number 313-267-7401


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Information Update Section

  August 7, 2015 : 2015 Rate Information - Detroit and Individual Suburban Retail Customers

  July 30, 2015 : IVR (Intelligent Voice Automation) A new way to service you

  July 17, 2015 : DWSD FOIA Summary

  July 17, 2015 : DWSD Revised FOIA Policy

  July 17, 2015 : Customer Care's new hours, coming soon.

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Detroit residents are required by state law to disconnect downspouts leading to the sanitary sewer system. This is a requirement of all Michigan cities. Water from downspouts connected to the sewer system can overload the sewer system and can pollute our rivers and cause basement flooding.

For a guide of how to disconnect a downspout, click here.